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Originally Posted by Chubros View Post
This makes it sound like Gillis was betting on Sundin only accepting a one-year deal, which is ridiculous. If he offered 2 years at $20M, he did so in hopes of Sundin accepting. Had this happened, it pretty much would have been impossible to keep the Sedins. That, combined with how close Gillis let them get to walking indicates that he did not fully appreciate their value when he took over this team.

Gillis simply lucked out when Sundin didn't accept the two-year deal. It was not a good bet. He then only realized at the last possible moment how important the Sedins were to this team. I still wish that he had signed them to retirement contracts rather than Luongo. Those guys' deals will expire in a couple of years and the team could either lose them or be put in a difficult position cap-wise.

It makes one question Gillis's judgement. Hopefully that was just him trying to make a name for himself as a green GM. He has made some poor moves since then but also some good ones. The jury is still out on Gillis, in my mind.
It was rumored that Sundin wasn't even sure if he wanted to come back let alone take a two year deal.
As much as you think you know, only so much information is out in the public domain. Have you had a talk to JP Berry ever? I am not sure but I would guess that he probably had talks with him about Sundin before throwing him an offer. So yes you can argue he gambled, but he probably made that gamble with info that none of us will ever have access to. How do you judge his decision making skills when you don't even have a clue what kind of info is available to him.
The result is he got sundIn at 1 year at a lower rate and he contributed to kes and the twins growth. Oh and he also signed them to pretty sweet deals as well and as a fan results like that matter more that hypothetical bs situations that happened on an alternate universe.

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