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08-05-2012, 08:01 AM
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Originally Posted by VanIslander View Post
It works four ways (one of which was broken):

1. on the MLD 2012 Thread I,
2. by using control-f to find,
3. by clicking pages 2,3,4... of the subforum and finding the MLD 2011 threads.
4. the new MLD 2012 Thread II, which is where the broken links were (sorry about that).

Regarding your frustrating attempt: I just fixed the links in the MLD 2012 Thread II.

It seems that cutting and pasting doesn't work for long links when they are abbreviated. I wanted to edit the post before cutting (which works), but the mods were quick at doing their job and locked the thread before I could, and I didn't realize that cutting without editing not only loses color and bolding but also long links.
its no problem VI , I wasnt trying to blame anyone but my drunken ass that was too lazy to search 4 pages deeper in the ATD subforums for the MLD2011 list.

I guess I'm fine with Fisher and Crossman.They're not out of place at all.I actually think Fisher is one of the best bottom 6 center left.

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