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08-05-2012, 10:01 AM
Not so fast,
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I had class Friday night but we worked almost exclusively on shooting as we had two goalies.

Yesterday I went to public session with my daughter and son and was able to work on crossovers. I warned them both - I'm probably going to fall a lot today because I'm really trying to see how far I can push before I lose control, so no laughing or pointing!

At first I had trouble because I felt unstable. I had watched a youtube video on crossovers Friday that emphasized that there should be two sounds when doing the crossover - the push from the foot before you lift it, and then the push from the foot as it goes under the body. I realized that rather than really trying to push the foot under the body, I was more just gliding on it and trying to stay upright long enough to bring the other foot over. I started to make a real effort to push it under and through and as soon as I did that, it started to click. I could actually feel the edge going against the ice and felt 1000% more stable. Rather than that foot just being there as support until the other foot came back onto the ice, that foot turned into a means of pushing and going somewhere. I would say that my speed just about doubled on the corners doing that (which it should, two feet pushing is twice as many as just one foot pushing!).

So my counter-clockwise crossovers are now much better. I don't feel 100% confident - but maybe 80% confident in them. I tried a few clockwise, but it's hard to do when everyone is skating the other direction. I did manage to bring the left foot over right, so that's some progress. I will need to be able to skate at a stick time to work on it, so that I can really get that pushing feeling going the opposite direction.

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