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Originally Posted by LatvianTwist View Post
Not sure this is the place (too lazy/tired to dig out the GDTs right now), but looking at our 2012 draft, it occurred to me that we drafted heavily out of our main two positions of need (in our prospect pool) - offensive defensemen and centers. Bystrom, Lindell, and Sinitsyn are all offensive defenders, and the only forward we took who isn't a center was Troock. Kiviaho is the only other player to break that mold, but we needed another goalie to be fair.

We also sheered away from monster sized prospects. Lindell was the tallest at 6'3", but he seems like he's a stick. Faksa, Troock, and Sinitsyn are the only ones with a good amount of weight to toss around.

And it still looks like we had a great draft early on (no telling how it'll look in 4-5 years). How we managed to do that blows my mind (and I'm sure I'm not the first to notice or point this out) but it just makes me that much happier with our offseason.
Troock I think was like most of their 5th round picks. They gambled on a guy with a huge question mark but a ton of talent. He missed nearly 2 years of development because of injury.

A ton of Dallas' 5th round gems all have a fatal flaw they've needed to overcome. Klingberg, Vance, and Kiviaho never played high level hockey before being drafted ... or in Vance's case just a few months of it. Troock (Neck/Nerve), Larsen (knee), and Wandell (knee) dealt with serious and potential reoccurring injuries as teenagers. Benn skated like he was in sand when they drafted him, and he played lower level hockey. Vincour was more of a head scratcher ... he was supposed to be drafted early ... as early as the 2nd round by some reports. Dallas just sort of lucked out that the rest of the league (including Dallas) didn't buy the hype. It's the nature of drafting in late rounds .... you take risks.

I think you could even say that Dallas is a fairly safe and often boring team in the early rounds. That's why you see them pass on a guy like Kulikov who has a question mark in their opinion because he's Russian. Then there's a shift ... usually about the 4th round when they open up a bit and take chances. Fortunately they've worked out recently in some big ways. Even if none of Dallas' other 5th rounders workout, you've got a lifetime of success from that round in Benn (potential top line center), Larsen (Top 4 defender with potential for more), and Vincour (Exellent checker at only 21 years old, and a guy that could potentially provide secondary offense).

With Kiviaho, I agree it was just about needing a long-term goalie project. He likely spends 3 years in Europe, and it could easily be 4 or more years. Dallas, aside from about two years ago with Krahn and Climie in Austin, have always had a good stable of young goalies with potential. Regardless of who is in the net in the NHL, that's always been a position they are deep with solid potential.

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