Thread: Confirmed with Link: Habs select Sebastian Collberg - 33rd overall
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08-05-2012, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by poetryinmotion View Post
hi, I have to consult the general HF Canadiens Cerberus for this:

Is Collberg a blue chip prospect? I think so, but other's don't.

What's the consensus here?
Personally I never cared for the term blue chip, since everyones definition could vary widly. If you mean is Collberg a safe bet to be a solid NHLer, then I'm not sure I would call him a "blue chip", since we need to see how his game translates to North America, if his lack of size will hamper him or not.

Originally Posted by Captain Smurf View Post
He's not a blue chip prospect. I tend to see a blue-chip prospect as player with the pedigree and results. Collberg has the pedigree (WJC scoring star, SEL at 18), but until he starts putting up numbers in the SEL there are legitimate questions about his ability to play against bigger guys. I don't follow Swedish hockey, but from what I've heard he has what it takes to get to that next level. Still, until he does take that next step he is simply a very good prospect.
I do wonder how things would have went if he didn't spend most of the season with Frolunda, if he instead spent the full year in juniors in the J20 racking up the points. In his previous season, it went a bit like this past one, where he spent time between 3 teams (J18, J20 and SEL) just 5 games in the SEL but he was a 16 year old for most of the year. But he's put up over a ppg in each of the two junior leagues he's played in over these last two years, so had he played all year in juniors and perhaps put up 50-60+ points it he would be more hyped.

Even last year he was 17 for most of the season since he turned 18 in late Feb which is near the end of the SEL season. Hopefully next season he can put up some points, but we'll need to see how much impact the experience of playing in the SEL for 5 games as a 16/17 year old and 41 games as a 17/18 year old will have on him as he progresses over time.

So for me, i don't mind that he's not really a bluechip, as he will have time to show what he can do and hopefully getting to play at such high levels while at such a young age, between his international play and SEL experience hopefully he can turn into something very solid for us in time.

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