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08-05-2012, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Habtacular View Post
Again, the only reason this thread has lasted so long is because of your constant redefinition of the word 'tanking' and frankly bizarre use of the word 'surgical' leading people to assume you are advocating somekind of deliberate action taken now to lose throughout the season when actually mostly you are just advocating perfectly normal GM asset management.
You have major deficiencies in reading comprehension.

The "deliberate action taken now to lose" was made by Bergevin. He's entering the season with a weak roster. If he pulls off a major trade I'll retract these comments. As it stands, the opportunity to be a bubble team this year passed us by when he refused to give Semin the little contract he wanted (1 year 7 million).

There's no such thing as "normal GM asset management" as different GMs take on different strategies even in similar situations.

Say, what do you think of the Florida Panthers a few years back losing Jay Bouwmeester for nothing? They wanted to "make the playoffs" where they would have inevitably lost in the first round. They didn't make the playoffs and turned down major gold for Bouwmeester. I think they got a 6th rounder for his negotiating rights or something. See, different GMs take on different strategies. I would advocate trading for Bouwmeester in that scenarios, whereas others, even professional GMs, advocating struggling for 8th place.

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