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08-05-2012, 12:04 PM
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personally I think quitting the draft without even finishing your line-up should be an insta ban for a year in all drafts.

This is disrespectful towards the group to ''punish'' everybody because of a beef with one person who isn't suppose to officially have any more power than any other member.Seventieslord is known for his great knowledge , but he isn't the commish , he isn't the president of the ATD , he is just one of the group so why should you quit the whole thing just for him? If he did was the boss of something , then showing your discontent with the leadership in place could be an argument , but it is not at the moment.The only power he has is as a moderator , and as a guy who received my share of warnings and infractions , he never striked me as the type who would go out of his way to use his moderating power.After all he's no vecens24 ( just kidding vecens24 )

This is childish and uncalled for , especially since nobody is even aware of what seventieslord supposely did.

At least pick your last players then abandon your team for the playoff to its own destiny.

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