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The Essentials: Carolina Hurricanes

So Puck Daddy is doing the "essentials" of each franchise in certain categories. I wanted to make my own before they reveal what the Hurricanes one actually are. I think this is for the franchise as a whole and not just as the Hurricanes so I will treat it that way. If anyone wants to contribute a specific Hurricanes only or Whalers only one, that would be nice to see as well. Here goes my list:

Player: Ron Francis
Franchise leader in pretty much every positive career statistic. No brainer for me. If this were just Carolina, Staal or Brind'Amour could at least challenge, but since its the franchise, who else but Ronnie Franchise.

Seson: 2005-2006
Too easy. Runner up would be either 85-86 or 2001-2002.

Goal: Ron Francis: Game 1 Stanley Cup Finals 2002

This one was tough. While this goal didn't wind up winning a cup, I feel like it legitimized that run in particular in the eyes of the hockey world. If it wasn't Francis, maybe I would have gone with something else though.

Trade: Francis, Samuelson, and Jennings and my sanity, for a bag of pucks(John Cullen, Zarley Zalapski, and Jeff Parker.

I really don't think there is any denying that no trade had a bigger impact on this franchise than this travesty. The season following this trade, the Whalers went to a primarily blue uniform and never made the playoffs again. It wasn't the blow that killed the Whalers, but it damn sure started the death of the Whale.

Unsung Hero: Robert Kron
I tried to pick someone who spanned both franchises as a support player for a decent amount time. The man could fly. I remember a game at the Civic Center (I think it was an afternoon game) he scored the OT winner on a the rush with a big slap shot. I think it was against Tampa. Blew the roof off the place. Honorable Mentions: Chad LaRose, seriously. Martin Gerber, for all the crap he gets for how he finished the cup year, he was a huge part of the cup winning team.

Fight: Whalers vs. Minnesota Fighting Saints April 11, 1975

Huge bench clearing brawl featuring the main event of Jack Carlson and Nick Fotiu. No video, which blows, but I listened to the radio play by play many a time. Go here for more info if you so choose.

Coach: Paul Maurice

Regrettably, it couldn't be anyone else.

Broadcaster: Chuck Kaiton

Absurdly easy. From the first NHL game to right now, the only radio play by play man.

Arena Behavior/Tradition/Trend: Tailgating

I don't go to many games down south so I'm just making a guess here. If this were just Hartford, it was the Brass Bonanza.

Arena Food: The hell if I know.

I had Nachos at Whalers games and cheap hot dogs. Now that I'm actually paying for arena food I eat and drink before I go in.

Swag: Green Cooperalls

If you manage to have a pair of these somewhere, you are my hero.

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