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08-05-2012, 03:51 PM
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Obviously a lot of these guys you could say "yeah, but all hardcore fans know how good that guy was, so I'm submit Mike Gartner for being underrated in the hardcore fans division. Not because any hardcore fan doesn't know what he brought to the table, but because discussions about Gartner often seem to devolve into "who can say the meanest thing about his place in the HHOF," as if to prove a point about how non-blinded by statistics we all are. Seriously, one poster (I forget exactly who, but it was one of the ones whose opinion I regard highly) once said that he should be embarrassed to be on the HHOF selection committee, as if merely being a top 15-20 scorer for 20 straight years is somehow something to be embarrassed about. Obviously, the guys' career has its flaws, but some of the vitriol I've heard is a mite cartoonish. Brodeur might be another guy who fits the same criteria for being underrated by serious fans.

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