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08-05-2012, 03:55 PM
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I proudly sport his jersey at Kings games due to his immense heart and willingness to go with anybody, but this thread needs more DOUG ZMOLEK.

Along with Zmolek, punching bags from the past have to include the following:

Buchberger: Not as bad of a punching bag earlier in his career, but he just kept fighting way past his prime. It was cringe-inducing whenever he dropped the gloves for LA. Not only would he get plastered, but he threw the sloppiest, weakest looking punches as well.

S. Webb: Whenever Rob Ray is having a bad day, he can just look up his fights against Webb and instantly feel better. Loved his heart and willingness to go with anybody, but man he got dropped a lot.

Jason Marshall: Another guy who fought wide open but really shouldn't have.

Bonvie: Guy was a joke in the NHL. Tons of hype but was embarassing outside of the minors.

Odgers: Has some decent wins but, again, his smaller stature and wide-open style left him vulnerable far too often.

S. McKenna: You might say he didn't get tuned up too often, but that's only because he got ravaged by Ken Belanger early-on in his career and decided to hit the ejector seat button in every fight after that once he didn't like the way things were going. Complete embarassment of an enforcer.


C. Fraser: You just hope it's over fast and he doesn't get killed.

Tom Canstopafist: See above. Still love his KO of Steve Ott though. Ott should be ashamed.

C. Adams: Just one of those guys when you see the boxscore and you tell yourself "wonder if he got dropped".

Honorable mention to a non-fighter from the past in Daryl Sydor. Feel bad for the guy because he wasn't a fighter, but mother of god did he ever get the living crap beat out of him by Severyn and McKenzie. Think he got his face broken both times.

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