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08-05-2012, 04:06 PM
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The Francis trade is generally considered one of the most lopsided in modern hockey history, not just franchise history, and it's hard to point to one event that lead the team to leaving than this trade - other than jr/karmanos taking over the team obviously.

The robe vs the cooperalls make an interesting debate, though the cooperalls go down as one of the goofiest things the NHL ever tried... the glo puck comes to mind league wide.

The fight in the original post is hard to beat though I get why canes fans wouldn't care about it. When you bought the 45 of the brass bonanza for your record player at home, the b side was the radio broadcast of this fight. I had this record when I was about 6.

Hm for fight on a personal level would be Jim Mackenzie vs tony twist I believe. A last man standing face to face pounding that was tough to watch for even the most violent fans.

Either molson miracle, broduers collapse or the cup series for the canes. To me the primeau bro's fighting each other in triumphant home victory over the division rival Sabres that put us in a playoff spot with 4 to go was a personal favorite for game. Second to last home game ever, Sanderson with two big goals. Most emotional game I've ever been part of or witnessed in any sport.

The tailgating takes the cake, and I hope to be part of it someday.

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