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08-05-2012, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by outerone View Post
Geez the cards these days are so crazy, what happened to just plain cards. Anyone collect cards in the early to mid 90s and know if any of that stuff is worth anything? Because I pretty much have all the awesome cards from that period.
They're not. They were a lot more card companies, and each one made multiple sets that printed tons of cards. Remember buying a pack of 10-24 cards for a 25 cents to a dollar? 'Cause that's what they were worth. Players went from having 1-2 cards a year to 15+. New players from there have at least a dozen different rookie cards.

Stuff before 1988 or 1989 is usually worth something (if it's a rookie and/or a good player), and 2000+ if they are numbered, autographed, and/or have a jersey piece in them. Otherwise, that's about it. Whatever you paid for the pack is pretty much what they're worth, so collect for yourself, not money. W/ so many cards available (and eBay), there's not much demand. I still buy them and collect for fun. I don't particularly care that my cards are worth, on average, probably 10 cents each, because I'm not selling them. I probably have around 20,000 cards.

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