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Originally Posted by WantonAbandon View Post
Kurz's response is in from FTF

Kevin Kurz ‏@KKurzCSN

Thanks to @fearthefin for allowing me to post my response early. Here it is

Not bad, but my fifty cents is:

So heart and desire to win doesn't matter in baseball?

Semin's offer is comparable to the contract Hossa got from Detroit the year before making a cool 99 million on the open market.
I certainly don't want to be in the position of defending a statement made by Kurz, but heart and desire doesn't help you hit a baseball, nor catch the ball, nor really anything else in the game of baseball short of standing in the batters' box and taking one for the team.

In hockey heart and desire does help you crash full speed into the other guy going full speed going after the puck. Heart and desire does help you throw your body in front a puck blasted on net at over 90MPH. Heart and desire is what makes these guys get up off the ice after being hurt, get back to the bench, and get back out there 90 seconds later and do it all over again.

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