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Originally Posted by WTFetus View Post
He noted the extremity today, not when he wrote it. And he said he's sticking by his argument whether people disagree with him or not. He isn't really trying to stir up anything, he's just stating his own opinion.
As for your last point, do you seriously not see the difference? Has Kurz ever said a trade was nearly complete when it wasn't? Eklund makes up BS rumors on a regular basis.
1. Yeah I think he is. I think he has taken a page out of a common sports writers playbook. Dupont and Bayless have made careers out of this page.

2. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Eklund and Kurz share some of the same sources

Finally he contradicts his points in his own response. Hockey is a team game so stats can't be used to evaluate players. Its not like baseball that involves individual performances. However Marleaus lack of scoring for a few weeks was his fault alone. His argument is incoherent. So hockey is a team game when stats are used to argue against "what Kurz believes he saw" and hockey is an individual effort when it comes to Kurz's evaluation of Marleau... And the best part is his arguements against Marleau are stat based... His criticism comes down to how many points Marleau scored during a couple of weeks or so.

This is quite a paradox he has created and its one where he can't lose unless you call him out on his bull ****.

Is this me disrespecting Kurz?

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