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08-05-2012, 08:39 PM
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Originally Posted by SadStumpy View Post
Alright, I'm curious.... how the hell does a card accrue value? What makes one worth anything at any point? Are limited quantities of desirable players' cards produced to create an artificial collectors market? Are most cards in a deck third and fourth line nobodys?

I had my fair share of cards as a kid, but my priorities shifted when Pokemon came out. I can still clearly picture my Ron Hextall "Blocked! Saved! Denied! NO ENTRY!" card. It's holographic-ness reminded me Nine-Tails card. I'd love to see that card again...
Supply and demand...

For supply, that's simple, the card company will make cards in different rarities for all sorts of reasons.

Demand is where things get complicated...obvoiously top players are worth a lot. Autographs and pieces of game used jerseys... Usually the focus is on rookie cards, the first year the player appears on a card. And there are variations and exceptions for everything. Card design is also important as people will collect cards that look nice or have an appealing design. Plus one thing that most people always forget is that tradition in sets is very important. If the same set comes out every year then people will be more confident about the card's in that set value as there will be built in demand from collectors chasing those cards every year. Upper Deck's Young Guns set is the best example of this.

How cards get extremely valuable is when multiple of the above factors are in effect. If the demand comes from multiple factors and then exceeds supply in an obvious way, the card may go up exponentially.

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