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08-05-2012, 09:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Vashanesh View Post
I don't think I'd have that many greater than's, personally... Cullen is a 2nd/3rd tweener (depending on the team), and Clutterbuck is a bottom-6 RW. Cullen is more versatile, but he's not all that much better. They both belong on the 3rd line if you've got a good team.

In all reality, I don't like either of them for our top-6, and they both make the most sense as our 3rd line RW at this point. The real point is, that Clutterbuck has trade value and Cullen basically can't be traded.

Let Cullen take the 3rd line RW spot and play out his contract, trade Clutter for a pick (and a contract spot) and then have that 3rd line RW spot open for a prospect when Cullen's contract is up.
Fletcher said Cullen will be playing LW this year most likely, not RW.
If Bouchard is out he sees Cullen as the Wild's 2nd line LW.

So please... stop putting Cullen on the RW already!


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