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08-05-2012, 09:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Vashanesh View Post
And you are likely in a severe minority there. Being towards the top of this team's goal scoring isn't saying anything worth mention, we've been a TERRIBLE team in regards to goalscoring for a long while now, being towards the top of that particular pile of garbage is nothing to hang your hat on.

I've got doubts that his body can handle his style of play for any more than a couple more years, and he doesn't bring enough to the table otherwise to make me want to keep him around.

With the people we've got coming to this team in the very near future, he will see his role with us diminish, his ice time will not be what it had been in years past. That means that his stats will drop, which means his value will drop. This is a clear case of selling high on someone who is very likely replaceable.
Nonetheless, I'm talking about a real player with real results. Dump on his achievements all you want, but until somebody steps up and takes his place, you're wishing on dreams.

He's played 70+ games the last 4 years. He's going to wear down? How? By having an entire summer to rest and recuperate? The guy is 24, hardly a has-been on his last legs.

I'd surely trade him if the return was worthy, but you are suggesting he is garbage, which I staunchly disagree with.

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