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Originally Posted by Alan Jackson View Post
If a player maintains good CORSI or FENWICK numbers playing in a certain role with certain players on a certain team, that does not mean those numbers will be consistent once that player is traded or signs with a new team.
I could say the same about every stat that is or was ever used, though.

I also wonder sometimes about how such stats are used. I'm a Canucks fan. Again, I'm not a disciple of Sabremetrics, so somebody can correct me if I'm wrong - but I believe Manny Malhotra had some of the worst numbers on the Canucks last season. But, that's okay because he faced tough competition and the vast majority of his shifts started in the defensive zone. So what are those numbers supposed to tell me about Malhotra's season?

Cody Hodgson was apparantly given all the plumb zone starts against weaker opposition, and scored at a 20 goal pace in limited ice-time, but I'm told he was hurting the team because his possession stats were poor, even against the weaker opposition.
these are both things that are true, but you're seeing people misrepresent the argument for both of these cases, and then associating that misrepresentation with correct interpretation.

in malhotra's case, you should be taking his 'advanced stats' and apply them to common criticisms of him (creates no offence, always in his own zone) to form an opinion on his value as a player. he's not in a situation to create offence and he starts in his own zone all the time, so why would those complaints be useful or valid?

again, with hodgson, you're taking a bad argument at face value. being up against soft competition and getting easy starts only suggests that his pace is supported by those facts, not that he's inherently a bad player or hurting the team by doing so. the sedins get the same treatment, but nobody would ever suggest that they are not helping the team

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