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Originally Posted by Wingsfan2965 View Post
Which is what the premise of your argument has been all night. "Detroit needs to start rebuilding." They have good prospects. "No, those prospects aren't that great." Here's statistic one and statistic two. "Those stats mean nothing, it's not a guarantee".
You've already made your mind up as to what you think, that much is for sure...

But just for the sake of pointing it out, Smith is FAR more physical than Yandle, it'd be difficult to turn the puck over as much as Yandle does, he'd only need 9 seconds of penalty killing per game to match Yandle, and if you take the rate Smith was scoring at and apply it to the amount of time on ice Yandle got, he'd be eclipsing 60 points...

Obviously that's a small sample size, but Smith is gonna be a good offensive defender like Yandle is. Yandle sucks at defense, and Smith's not the greatest, but he certainly has the physical edge over Yandle, if nothing else.
But you throw them out like it is a guarantee,stats are great when the post those types at the NHL level until they do they are just an indicator of what a drafted NHL prospect might do .Take a player like Shawn van allen he was a huge scorer in junior and at the ahl level ,couldnt skate becomes a grinder at the nhl level and stays up that way.If Jarnkrok who we all know can skate and has crazy skill cant cut it at the nhl level in the top 6 do you think he has the ability to play a bottom 6 role??

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