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08-06-2012, 02:42 AM
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Going to be repeating a lot of what's been said but might as well throw my 2 cents.

Great defenseman, with just below "elite" status defensive abilities. Smooth skating and smart stick work is what are his biggest strengths that he's the most successful with. Not physical in any way, but not necessarily soft. There's not much of an physical effort in general from him though which allows some of the tougher players to take advantage in front of the net.

Offensively is where it it gets hard to judge. A lot of the time it seemed like he has no instincts from the moment he moves the puck out the defensive zone. Much of that you could say is attributed to Sutter's suffocating of Bouwmeester's strengths.

He could easily be a offensive threat day in and day out if a coach finds the best way to get JayBou involved. Something around being free in the offensive zone, whether it's sneaking from the back or using his body in the slot (he did that for a bit this year and our PP looked good for the couple games that he did.)

In a dream world, he's paired with another mobile RH defenseman who is a hard hitting, hard shooting, elite leader. Kind of an obvious thing but in that scenario he can let his Weber-like partner play to the best of his strengths and easily cover up for any mistakes made. At the same time, any of JayBouw's weaknesses are a none issue.

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