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08-06-2012, 05:19 AM
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Originally Posted by SadStumpy View Post
Alright, I'm curious.... how the hell does a card accrue value? What makes one worth anything at any point? Are limited quantities of desirable players' cards produced to create an artificial collectors market? Are most cards in a deck third and fourth line nobodys?

I had my fair share of cards as a kid, but my priorities shifted when Pokemon came out. I can still clearly picture my Ron Hextall "Blocked! Saved! Denied! NO ENTRY!" card. It's holographic-ness reminded me Nine-Tails card. I'd love to see that card again...
The only cards that have any real value are from 1988 and previous. Anything post-88 is too mass-produced to have any real value. The only way collectors can be convinced there is some kind of artificial value of today's cards is to produce "limited edition" gimmick cards. When the gimmick runs its course, there is no longer a market for the card. There is no value except the fictitous value the price guide tells you. If nobody will buy it, the value is bogus.

I have collected cards all my life and became disgusted by the way the business went in the mid to late 90s. Today you can pay $5 for a pack of cards because you have the chance to get a gimmick card with artificial value. That is a complete scam. I buy single cards of players I like and will NEVER pay more than $2 for a card. Most cards I buy are $.25 each. If you pay more than two bucks, you are likely getting sucked in by a gimmick.

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