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08-06-2012, 04:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Rocket View Post
Cricket is popular in more countries than baseball. More Competitive too, with as many as 6-7 teams capable of winning the title. If baseball deserves to be in the Olympics so does cricket. After the invention and popularization of the short-format Twenty20 cricket, which takes only 3 hours to play, there's no more excuse to keep it out.

Part of it is probably ICC's fault for not pushing hard for it. Right now they are being short sighted with the thinking that cricket in Olympics would only take revenues, dates, and prestige away from their own competitions like the ODI World Cup and World Twenty20 and not give much in return. So they're OK with the status quo.
If it was then it woould have to be the 20/20 format as there are very few decent competitive sides as with baseball.

Until the ICC or specifically India, Australia and England see fit toexpand the sport it should remain firmly outside the IOC banner as with baseball and softball.

Rugby is deserving of a place and it will be good to see sevens in Rio.

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