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08-06-2012, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Konk View Post
I think we are all aware, especially Canuck fans even though they do not want to admit it, that Kesler is not likely to hit 40 goals again. This coming from someone who watched him play since he was 15 years old with the NTDP. He just doesn't have that kind of offensive talent. He's developed a very good wrist shot since those days, but his release isn't elite by a long shot and there isn't too much else going on in his arsenal to make you think of him as a consistent 40 goal scorer.

Actually, none of that is necessary, Datsyuk is a perfect present day example. Tavares isn't there yet, his defensive abilities improved 10-fold last season. His skating is actually a lot better than you make it seem, he does have seperation ability as he showcased last season, and more importantly, his hockey IQ is through the roof. He's also relentless everywhere on the ice, which combined with his IQ will allow him to be a top defensive player along with already being a top offensive player. He's well on his way already.

Kesler's simply nowhere near as valuable as Tavares right now, forget about the next few years as Tavares continues to emerge.
I agree, I don't think he's a 40 goal scorer at all. He simply has too much responsibility defensively, spends too much time on the PK, and is like the 3rd scoring threat on the PP. But when healthy, what he is though is an explosive athlete, nightmare physically the way he bangs at 6 2", and a guy who will consistently put up 25-30 goals, 70-75 points, and be in the discussion for Selke every year.

Tavares has the potential to be an elite offensive player and put up some big points, there's no denying that. But let's not kid ourselves with the Datsyuk comparisons. When I watch Tavares, it's like he gets where he needs to go, but it's in spite of his awkward stride. Datsyuk is an absolutely phenomenal skater. His edges are elite, and he does in fact possess an explosive getaweay gear (as shown below) that he used more when he was younger, he just plays a lot more reserved and cerebral now due to the evolution of his game. His edges and skating is STILL elite, he's shifty as hell and almost impossible to read or predict based on flawless mechanics. Hockey IQ is a hard skill to guage and I haven't seen enough of Tavares to guage that (would need tt watch an entire season)so I won't get into that.

Would I pick tavares over Kesler now and going forward? OF COURSE. But what I'm saying is the gap is not nearly close enough to justify taking on Dipietro's negative value, giving up one of the more promising young goalies in the game, and our first to boot.

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