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08-06-2012, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by bleedgreen View Post
he was an excellent player, but heart and soul is pushing it a bit. he had unfair expectations, and wilted under them though he was no doubt a quality human being.
He really wanted to be in Hartford, he helped in the community and with charities, played his butt off after the franchise was left with no real leader. I don't know...after the Francis trade things looked so bleak.

I was always a big fan of Cullen and maybe that's why I'm so quick to defend him.

Originally Posted by Vagrant View Post
Player: Glen Wesley

As much as it would be easy to further the rhetoric of Ron Francis' signing with Carolina as "legitimizing" this market, I have to go with the Red Head here. No player more accurately represented our rise to glory as a franchise than Wesley. He was here for our darkest days of hidden seats in Greensboro, he was here for the departure from Hartford, he was here in 2001-2002 when we made our first run in front of a national audience, and he was here when we sent the nail home in 05-06. No other player can make the claim of having been through the worst days and remaining dedicated to the area and franchise as much as Wesley. As much as Brind'Amour ultimately came to enjoy playing here, he was pretty open about not wanting to be here initially after his trade. Give me the guy that was class through and through, was here for the whole thing, and has stayed after class to help us build the defense with some pretty damn impressive results he gets far too little credit for with young guys like Justin Faulk on up to veterans like Jay Harrison. Wesley never made a splash the way that Francis did by coming back or Brind'Amour did by being a vocal leader and captain, but nobody else was a Hurricane at a time when it was embarrassing to be a Hurricane, stuck with it, and came with us to glory.
One of the best paragraphs I've read on this site.

Originally Posted by Vagrant View Post
Unsung Hero: Erik Cole

As just a brash rookie in his second professional season, Erik Cole came into the NHL playoffs and started kicking ass. Between dipsy doodling his way past Scott Stevens, to finally solving the unbeatable Jose Theodore and daring Doug Gilmore of all people to interrupt his celebration
Another great pick (of course Erik is one of my all-time favorite Canes).

lol @ Gilmour. I remember that clearly...have the game on tape somewhere in the house...Gilmour didn't dare interrupt Erik's celebration because judging by the stare Cole gave him, he would have broken Doug's head open if he tried.

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