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12-03-2003, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by LawnDemon
i don't have time to kill a digital forest so i'll stick to this comment because i think some good discussion can come of it...

if a scientist can train a rat to find the cheese in the same maze every time why on earth can't macT teach hockey players to dump the puck hard of the glass when killing penalties or when pressured in their own zone?

seriously, is dumping the puck high off the boards too difficult for the likes of brewer and horcoff? how is that any more complicated than navigating a repetitive maze? get - the - puck - shoot - it - hard - and - high - off - the - glass. not rocket science.

your point seems to be that an intelligent person (scientist) can teach some of the stupidest animals on earth to efficiently complete repetitive tasks. if that is the case, macT must be awfully slow upstairs if he can't teach other humans to do an equally (relative to the intellectual capacity of the actor) simple, repetitive task.

if the oiler players would simply shoot the puck hard off the glass then the PK% would go up dramatically, the GAA would drop, and the wins would pile up.

you can argue that it's still up to the players to "do what they're told"... fair enough - but if i'm coach and the players don't do something as simple as dump the puck where the other team can't get it THEN THOSE PLAYERS SIT ON THE FREAKIN BENCH. case closed.

so either macT isn't telling them what to do or he isn't enforcing his own rules. either way, he is at least equally at fault with the players and G2K is more right than wrong in his commentary.
What on earth do you think MacT is teaching the defensive pairings on the PK - to fan on clearing attempts or to put it right on the defensmen sticks. No. Plus i hardly think it woul be a brainstorm to tell players like Smith, Cross, Staios, or Brewer that putting the puck high off the glass would make for much more successful PK results. They already know that - they aren't avoiding doing that because MacT's system is geared towards costly giveaways rather than solid dump outs. This is what DB has been saying. The fault in this scenario has to fall on the shoulders of the players. They are the ones making the ill advised flip shots rather than pounding the puck and they are the ones refusing to take the simple play in favor of reversing the puck back into a dangerous position. Watch tonight if the PK is bad. I can guarantee you the defense has plenty of opportunity to ring the puck around the glass but instead they reverse it behind their net hoping to free up space and time. The difference is the other teams have closed the gap way to fast leading to the bonehead turnovers. When you lack skill on the back end you keep it simple. That is what has made Cross, Smith, & Brewer successful in the past.

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