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Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
It use to be if you were a captain of the habs, look out. Or so it seemed at least. There have been plenty of captains traded from the ch, and yes I was alive for more than one.

Captain Kirk, Mike Keane, Vincent Damphousse, Turgeon, Chelios and Carbonneau come to mind. T here were something like 6 captains in 10 years that were traded away. Koivu was an anomaly and it's big part of why the fan base crew so attached to him, that and his bout with cancer. I was alive for all of them and not just alive, but old enough to see them all go.

It's become a little rarer, but mostly become koivu was an exception to the rule. Not because it's unthinkable.
Please don't quibble. Of course it's possible but Bergevin would certainly realize the implications of doing it and would not unload Gionta like trash, a la Gainey. I think Gainey made a huge mistake in not re-signing Koivu (and then compounded his error by blundering into a hideous trade). Not only did he give away better players than he received and pay a king's ransom for Gomez, but Koivu rubbed it in by outscoring the much higher paid Gomez since the trade. I assume you want to trade Gionta for a draft choice or a prospect but, as I have already pointed out, Gionta's age, salary, and size would restrict the market. If it took place, it would surely occur near the deadline. This in turn might disrupt the Habs' own chances of making the playoffs, so the Habs would have to be close to elimination before Bergevin pulled the trigger. Your thoughts, please.

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