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08-06-2012, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Dupree13 View Post
Though I still don't understand how the league can set this operating cap number of $70.3M or whatever it is, only to make a new CBA deal and have teams scrambling to get under some lower figure.
We know that how the cap will get determined going forward will change. However we don't know exactly how it will change. It's possible they do something like lower the % (and thus the cap), but also change the way the ceiling/floor is determined. So the max is still ~65/70m but the floor changes from 56m to 45/50m. Or they give a 1 yr grace on the new cap (although I doubt this).

GMs need a cap number going into the summer. However the cap is determined by the CBA. Now the league knows the revenue numbers (~3.3B). So even lowering the cap to ~52% only lowers the cap to ~64m. There's currently only 6 teams who's salary is higher than 64m (SJ, PHI, CGY, VAN, MIN, BOS), and another 7 teams who's salary is higher than 60m (PIT, TOR, BUF, LA, CHI, EDM, TBL, MTL).

So it's not going to be the end of the world if the cap goes down a bit, as most teams are still in a good position. Boston could trade Thomas to a floor team so they get to count his cap hit, and Minny could move DH while taking back a smaller contract (either a forward or D), or move Backstrom and both would be fine. Van could move Lu. I think out of all of them, only Calgary would be in trouble due to all the NTCs handed out.

Edit: This also might have had some play in the Michalek trade. He picked up someone he liked and lots of cap space. Either for when the cap goes down, or just for future signings.

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