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Originally Posted by No Team Needed View Post
There is some speculation that the reason Bourque has fallen is because he keeps being played as a left winger and he's just not able to convert. He's strictly a right winger and playing him in another position is silly. It's the same thing that happened to Erik Cole in Edmonton. They tried him on the left wing and he couldn't crack 20 goals like he had in the three seasons prior and the two full seasons afterwards.

In other words, unless we move Cole or Gionta, Bourque is staying on the third line. Now, it's entirely possible that in the pre-season, Therrien sees Bourque as a better fit on Plek's wing than Gionta and Gionta moves to finishing Eller's passes. That said, if Therrien is going to play players in their nautral positions, there's just no room for Bourque unless there's a trade or he performs better with Plek.

I think Moen - Eller - Bourque would be a phenomenal third line for Montreal and if Bourque performs well, moving Gionta to the line isn't going to hurt anything. Hopefully Therrien finds where players play best instead of where we need to plug holes.
I hope you're right about Bourque. However, based on what I saw last year, "Bourque twice scored 27 goals" might well be equivalent to "Gomez has had five 70 point seasons". All I saw in Bourque was a floater fanning on Eller's lovely passes. No physicality, no drive, hands of stone.

By the way Cole was fine in Edmonton. He scored 16 goals in 63 games, that's about how he's most of his entire career.

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