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Originally Posted by sabrefan27 View Post
So you're saying you know better than someone who played in both leagues and an NHL scout? I'm no expert, I'm mostly basing my opinions on the conversations I had with them.

You keep talking about teams built with AHL veterans. The top former AHL players in the DEL don't even come close to stacking up with who was in the AHL last season. In the DEL is appears to be Norm Milley, Jared Ross, Matt Hussey, Mike Glumac and Mike York. That's decent. In the AHL you have Keith Aucoin, Mike Zigomanis, Chris Bourque, Brett Sterling, TJ Hensick. Clearly the AHL has the superior veterans.

Beyond that, most DEL teams have about the same amount of former AHL veterans as AHL teams have veterans now.

And for the record, I've watched DEL games before, Outstanding atmosphere's, but I didn't think the quality of play was anything to write home about.
Conversations with someone they know is a fan of the AHL. Sorry but I can't say that they would necessarily tell you that the DEL is better knowing that they might offend you or knowing that it could start a debate that they don't necessarily want to get into with a fan.

That said you can drop names with who you have talked to all you want and drop names of former AHL players who have played in the DEL all you want. It's not going to change my opinion based on watching both leagues. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. is offline   Reply With Quote