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Originally Posted by NightBlazer View Post
Bourque last year was an anchor dragging our team down. Getting rid of him was just as much a positive as getting Cammalleri was.

I don't know how you argue that they were better two years ago. They weren't.

Look at Glencross's production and his goal scoring has gone up every year he's been in Calgary. He's still getting better. People like to gloss over the fact that he's a rugged grinder with a deadly wrist shot that scored 26 goals in 67 games last year. Maybe he'll plateau this year but he's been on a steady incline since getting here, and is a 30 goal scorer in a full year. Yet Iginla is apparently the only guy that can play the top line.

This Flames team has never had a PP QB like Wideman. He may be a liability defensively but covering those types of errors is the area where J-Bo IS a great defenseman, and everyone who follows the team is pretty sure that it's gonna be a good pair.

Bartschi could get 50, maybe 60 points. He's a clutch, game breaking talent. No one knows how big he is for us this year but he's definitely a great addition.

Backlund should take a step forward. He signed a contract to prove his worth, he knows he had a bad season, wasn't given many opportunities, everything went wrong for him. Everyone is expecting an improved Backlund and rightfully so.

Brodie has been continually progressing. No one knows where he tops out but he should be a more improved player this year.

I can go on and on but there are countless areas where Flames are improving.

Also a lot of Flames prospects are underrated. Max Reinhart for example often gets called a dime a dozen player that every team has, and he'd be lucky to even make the NHL. So ignorant. Reinhart may be overshadowed by his brothers, but I'm positive that he won't just make the NHL, he's gonna be a good player. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets called up this season and makes a good showing of himself. He, or Bill Arnold, Michael Ferland, they may not be top liners but they're going to provide a lot of depth down the line.

Then there's Jankowski; let's at least wait and see what he does before we annoint him as a bust? There's a reason though why scouts love his game on first viewing, because it takes about 5 seconds to see how talented he is. But people are saying he won't even play a game without seeing this for themselves, but that's just a perfect example of the Flames ignorance that pervades this board.

Bottom line is that the roster is underrated, the prospects are underrated, the GM is underrated, everything about the Flames is underrated on this board.'re basing next's years success on maybe's and what if's. Glencross is a good player, probably the best you have outside of Kipper and Iggy, but if he hasn't peaked, he's very close. You're hoping Baertschi gets 50-60 points? He could, but not many rookies do, it would be safer to hope for a 30-40 point season, and that would still have to be considered a success.

As per your other young players, I never said they are all crap or busts, but Backlund, Brodie, Arnold, etc. don't look like top line players now or in the future. It's important to have these type of players, but if you don't have the top level talent to put around them, then your team won't be good. And aside from Iginla, you have no top end talent in terms of skaters. And that includes both prospects and current roster. Feaster will likely have to build the top end of the team the same way he did this year...with free agent signings. If you look at the history of free agent signings, its not a given that they turn out, a lot end up looking bad. Wideman could easily be one of those. You say Bouwmeester will cover his mistakes, but Chara, arguably the best defenseman in the world, wasn't enough to make Wideman's defensive ineptitude look even average. Sorry Flames fans, but when you have a guy who has played for 4 other teams and all of them were happy to see him go because of defensive play, the offense simply doesn't make up for it. Especially with a defenseman.

I won't call Jankowski a bust, he's a project that will take time, but even before arriving in Calgary, did Feaster ever do even an average job of drafting? I don't know why that would suddenly change. The fact remains that aging talent and no replacements in the system is going to lead downward for the Flames. Maybe not this year, maybe not next, but as soon as Iggy and Kipper leave town, you guys are in deep, deep trouble, as those are the only two guys keeping your collective heads above water.

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