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Originally Posted by zeus3007 View Post
You're high off your a** if you think Elias makes it to free agency. And while Calgary will throw a huge offer at Getzlaf, 29 other teams will as well. Some of which are contenders or very close to that level, which will be very enticing for a free agent. Getzlaf did like Calgary when in junior, so its not like its one of those "I won't play in "X" city" situations, but it is still likely that he will want to play somewhere where he can win.
Yeah and if he reads HFBoards he might get convinced that he can't win in Calgary, but I doubt he's a poster here.

Calgary's a 9th place team without a #1C, not even a #2C, so how is it that they still wouldn't be competitive if they filled their biggest hole? What you're saying doesn't even make sense.

And maybe Getzlaf wants to go to a team where he would be the difference. You assume too much about the guy.

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