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12-03-2003, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by LawnDemon
re-read the part in my post that is bolded with CAPITAL LETTERS mr. smartass. i gather from your rhetoric that you are assuming the oiler players are unteachable. if that is the case, why bother with a coach at all?

teaching requires reward and punishment. the only people macT seems to punish are isbister, hemsky, bergeron, and semenov. how is THAT "good coaching"?

of course, i'm sure you'll only "half read" my post and respond with some more pedantic commentary along the lines of "if macT was coach of a veteran team he'd have a winning record". well, duh. the whole point to my argument (and i believe G2K's argument as well) as that the oilers need a coach who can TEACH the players what to do in certain situations - not a coach who simply EXPECTS them to do it right. there is a difference you know.

macT is a fine coach but he is a crappy teacher.

prove me wrong.
An who do you propose fill the minutes of the top 4 defensemen on PK? Bergeron, Ferguson, Bobby Allen, Doug Lynch? I read your post - but if you intend on benching your top 4 defensemen then your PK will only plummit deeper into the cellar. This is a problem the players have to fix. Everyone of the defensemen have been making these plays. Bergeron was runner up for rookie of the month yet his defensive zone lapses are as visible as any others. Ferguson is effective as a #6 man but his footspeed affects his ability to kill penalties. He has a reduced ability to close gaps on the puck holder and getting behind the net to get the puck with any pressure. Beside how is it possible for you to argue MacT is a bad teacher? Are you at practices watching his work? Billy Moores is well known as one of the best teachers of the game in this community, he is a member of the coaching staff is he too now incompetent? I guarantee he is not. I am not going to preach inexperience because frankly stating the obvious gets annoying to everyone - I think the Oilers have adequate experience in the positions that are making the mistakes. That being top 4 defensmen and the talented forwards. To me the inexperiencedare playing the best so I try to avoid that argument. Torres, Stoll, Salmo, Conks have been the most consistent performers when they have had ice. Smyth, Cross, Brewer, Smith, Laraque, etc are the vets who have been extremely innefective. To me this problem runs much deeper than a coach's inneffective "teaching" the experienced players are playing with lack of understanding of how important these games are becoming.

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