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Originally Posted by GordieHoweHatTrick View Post
Take another second to think about it.

When management decides to trade their best players for futures, management is tanking. The players could play their best but it'll be all for nothing when the those players suck, or aren't as good enough as the ones you traded. That train of thought is the silliest thing this board has going for it.

Also, every team rebuilds, they do it at the draft, just the teams that aren't committed to winning in the present do it with higher picks. Management who isn't committed to winning so that a top selection falls onto their lap are pathetic. I wouldn't mind seeing teams relegated to stop that sort of 'cheating' from happening.
Not every team is rebuilding at the draft. Teams are building, but the only ones rebuilding are the ones commonly labelled as "tankers" by smart guys on the interwebs. I would like someone to honestly show how any recent lottery teams weren't at least trying to be competitive. Go ahead. You can't do it, because it doesn't happen.

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