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08-06-2012, 05:14 PM
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Theory: We Are Cutting Our Sticks Wrong

So last night I got my 4.75 lie Drury clone in from Base and it was amazing the difference. Same stick length and curve, just swapped from 5.5 to 4.75 lie. Passing and shooting because immensely easier.

I was curious as to what the lie might mean for smaller players, so I drew a picture and thought about it...and then I got math involved...and I was kind of surprised.

Okay, so how do we cut our sticks now? We stand them on the toe of the blade and then measure up to our nose or chin or whatever, mark it off, and cut.

BUT, when we look at the math involved, this creates an error. The lower the lie of the stick and the more you cut it down, the more of an error this creates.

Look at the drawings and the math:

I took the lie angles from Warrior's website. The lies (4, 5, 6) may not be perfect with other measurements, but they are close.

When we hold the stick, we form a triangle. There is the height of the top hand, the length of the stick, and the angle to the ground (ice). But when we cut the stick vertically, we are cutting the hypotenuse of the triangle, which has a much larger effect on the top hand height.

By looking at the numbers, if you had a 5 lie blade and cut the stick down 1", it changes the top hand height by 1.4". This ends up creating a gap if we don't change the position of our top hand. If you cut your stick by a few inches, it will exaggerate this effect further.

Now this probably won't affect experienced players who know their ideal stick length, but it's something to keep in mind for newer players.

And I still think once I can go over this in my head, shorter players may benefit from lower lies that will allow us to use longer sticks, because it's possible we are proportionally using shorter sticks than average or tall players. I haven't worked out exactly how yet.

Anyways, something to chew on. Your thoughts? Bad math? Other ideas?

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