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Originally Posted by nosl View Post
How about three divisions:

East: Carleton, CMR/RMC, Concordia, McGill, Ottawa, Queen's, UQ Trois-Rivières
Central: Laurentian, Nipissing, Ryerson, Toronto, UOIT, York
West: Brock, Guelph, Lakehead, Laurier, Waterloo, Western, Windsor

Playoffs: 3 division winners + best 4th seeded team get first round byes.

5 vs 12
6 vs 11
7 vs 10
8 vs 9

1 vs worst seed
2 vs second worst seed
3 vs second best seed
4 vs best seed
Not bad, at all.

To address the travel you could have a seeding rule that in the first two rounds you can shuffle a couple of teams so that they play within their division, or in the neighbouring division. They have a rule in PJFC that if travel meets a certain criteria they switch the semi-finals to 1 v 3 and 2 v 4.

So, you could have the three 1st place teams get byes, the top 4 in each division make it, and one wild-card. That would mean 10 teams play in the 1st round.

If the East gets the wild-card (if the West gets the wild-card just switch East/West) then it would be:
East 2 v East 5
East 3 v East 4
West 2 v West 4
Central 2 v Central 4
West 3 v Central 3 (home ice to the team with most points)

If the Central gets the wild-card then it would be:
East 2 v East 4
Central 2 v Central 5
West 2 v West 4
Central 3/4 v East 3*
Central 3/4 v West 3*
* Central 3 would face the lower seed between East 3 and West 3 and the home ice would go to the team with the most points in each series

Using the 2011-12 results:

McGill 46
Carleton 33
Ottawa 29
Queen's 28

Concordia 28

Nipissing 38
Toronto 35
York 32
Ryerson 29

Laurentian -

W. Ontario 45
Lakehead 38
Waterloo 34
Windsor 31

Brock 27
Guelph 23
Laurier 20

Byes: McGill, W. Ontario, Nipissing

First round:
UQTR v Queen's (East 2 v East 5)
Carleton v Ottawa (East 3 v East 4)
Toronto v Ryerson (Central 2 v Central 4)
Lakehead v Windsor (West 2 v West 4)
Waterloo v York (West 3 v Central 3)

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