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08-06-2012, 08:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Muscles4Malkin View Post
I'm not that familiar too with high scoring players from near past, but those came to my mind. Allison was slow in old NHL and once scored 95 pts if I remember correctly and Cheechoo had that akward skating style. Who else looks bad?, oh RECCHI and somewhat Petr Gunn.
Pre lockout foot speed wasn't quite as important as it is in todays game. With the redline out and less hooking and grabbing the players who can really skate become a lot more effective. There's some guys like Thornton who are not the fastest (although his speed is deceptive), who's skill makes up for it, todays game is one that belongs to those who can skate.

Not saying Allison couldn't succeed (concussion issues). But not being the best skater makes it a tad more difficult to really excel.

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