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You guys can call me CM.

I was raised (mostly) in Coquitlam on Foster Ave. across from the Vancouver Golf Club. I moved to the Comox Valley in the mid 90's and was a commercial diver for 15 years but after a car accident was unable to continue in that profession because I am now uninsurable. I was a high school dropout so I returned to school (Courtenay campus, North Island College) where I graduated grade 12 and went on to take college courses in creative writing, Canadian history, American history, world history and political science. Plus a couple others that escape my mind at the moment. Since then I've been writing and have been published locally as well in the lower mainland and internationally on the internet. Topics have ranged from American foreign policy in the Middle East to human interest stories. I'm currently working on a screenplay about a remarkable series of events which took place in Vancouver and Coquitlam many years ago.

I am a Vancouver Canucks fan through-and-through. I've been a Canucks fan pretty-much my entire life. Indeed, the Canucks are so tied to significant events in my life that I recall the Canucks in the 1970s when I was beginning to notice that girls had bumps and curves that were beginning to look a little less silly and a helluva lot more attractive. In 1982 when the Canucks made the finals I cheered King Richard and Harry Snepts with all my heart (I've forgiven you for that giveaway Harold). In 1994 I was on high seas in the Queen Charlotte Strait and yelling at a crew boat skipper to hurry the hell up because game 7 was about to begin. I didn't care if he risked my life in doing so. I had to see the game. 2011 - well many of us went through that together right here.

I like fishing, hunting and Harleys and admittedly do not fit the stereotype of people who are native to the Lower Mainland; that being, tree-hugging liberal hippies. My politics are more centrist than that. Nothing against them personally though. Just don't get between me and a deer.


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