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08-06-2012, 10:35 PM
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I actually got into hockey because of fantasy sports.
I joined the basketball one first, because I was a basketball fan, but I also joined a hockey league just for curiosity's sake.
To know who to pick up, I started watching a lot of hockey games, and I started to get hooked.
It was also when the Canucks began to turn the team around.
When there is a winning team, it is easier to be interested.

I was really hooked on fantasy hockey, and after a while, I can list all the stats of almost every player, even face-off winning percentages of a fourth line player.
That's when I realize I may have overdone it and backed off quite a bit.
I am still hooked on hockey, but I mainly watch only the Canucks now.

After the Grizzilies left, I became really disillusioned with the NBA.
I still play fantasy basketball, but only when a friend asks me.
Otherwise, it is hockey and football for me.

I am a sport fan in general, especially hockey, NFL football and baseball.
For proximity sakes, my teams are the Canucks (here), Seahawks (4 hours away) and the Blue Jays (in Canada).
I watch almost everything, except golf (which is not a sport) and soccer.

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