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Originally Posted by RayP View Post
Really? I can't stand him. He's a wimp, dumb as ****, but has a great arm.

Murray is awful, most UGA fans can't stand him... he is a Grossman clone, it's scary.

First 4 I agree. Peyton 2-3 years ago, also agree, but if we're talking current Peyton, I disagree. Rivers I was on the fence with, but I think that's because he's such a tool. Matt Ryan is a game manager on a good day, nothing special about him at all, too afraid to take any chances at all or throw the ball beyond 15 yards.

Don't know much on Bray to be honest... Luck I love, but we'll see. Same with RG3.

Also not a fan of Flacco, he's lived off that defense and Rice.
He's dumb, but he sees the field well, has good pocket presence and has that cannon.

That's why I said the taller thing. If he were 6'5", he'd be a stud. His height fails him.

Flacco impressed me against the Pats a lot. He showed he can carry a team if need be, though they did lose.

Rivers has bad mechanics, but everything else is golden. The guy knows how to run an offense.

Ryan needs to go to the Brady School of Quarterbacking. He has all the tools to be an incredible intermediate passer.

I've loved Luck since he was recruited by Stanford. He was my guy all the way through college. #FootballHipster

Bray reminds me of Brady. He can put balls into keyholes, has great touch, a cannon arm, makes smart throws and has good pocket presence, not other worldly like Brady though. The only knockbacks are that he can't run at all and he's skinny as hell.

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