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Originally Posted by biturbo19 View Post

Playing top minutes for a pro team in Sweden is a lot different from playing minutes and putting up points in the QMJHL. The totals Tommernes has put up in Sweden are actually very respectable for a blueliner in that league. The fact that he's playing key minutes for a pro team and seems to demonstrate a good deal of hockey sense is a big consideration when ranking prospects.
Oh dont get me wrong, i definitely know theyre respectable. But so were Steve Kariyas numbers, when a player is undersized and non physical , you tend to have to make up for it with extra offense. Also like Schroeder will have to do

Im highly skeptical of Schroeders chances too and thats a player who played on the world junior team and was a first round pick and put up good numbers in the AHL

So you can see why im skeptical of an undersized D who was drafted in the 7th round playing in the SEL who had respectable numbers in a tougher league, since it only takes 5 goals to be respectable

And being undersized on the blueline is a bigger deal than being a forward

We only have one D that height and he plays a physical game and is stocky as hell at 208. If you go across the league, you'll find its not all that common when you take out players top offensive power or players that are stocky (heavier) and play physical

Wish him the best but it will be an uphill battle, i guess its usually the case with 7th rounders and a teams 16th rated prospect

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