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08-06-2012, 11:51 PM
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Originally Posted by MurrayBannerman View Post
He made that line look a lot better than it was last season with no running game. I find that to be incredibly impressive, even if he WR corps is awesome.

I could definitely see that. He's a guy that would benefit from being behind Drew Brees.

I feel he's finally broken out into what his tools say he should be.

I like Jackson, but I don't know how Freeman will do with him. I wasn't a fan of his coming out of college, and last year didn't help him.

Ryan just doesn't effectively utilize his best tools. I feel that if he were to, he'd be an elite QB.
But he had soooo many attempts. Yeah his overal numbers look good, but he threw the ball so much more than anyone else.

Maybe, but I still doubt it. If he weren't the starting QB for a big time school in the SEC, no one would ever talk about him.

I haven't seen a ton of Freeman, but the little I have seen of him... I just don't see anything great out of him.

No, he absolutely does not utilize his tools at all. It's all mental for him, he's the most cowardly QB I've seen in quite a while. He NEVER takes a chance, to the point that I'd be surprised if he ever did start taking chances at this point.

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