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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
Your takes on Machida are so nonsensical that he is probably trying to figure out if you are trolling or if you really believe what you are saying in this thread.

Machida isnt everyone's cup of tea, I get that, but even if you dont care for his style, or his game plan, you should be able to appreciate his skill and execution.

The guy rarely gets tagged and/or taken down because he is so elusive and yet he is quick enough to counter and/or move into range, strike, and move back out of range, often times without getting tagged himself.

He is a world class striker/mma fighter.

He is most definitely not "crap" or "Fitch".
Lol, not trolling. That's ridiculous. How was the first round entertaining? Where did I say HE was crap? I simply do not like how ALL he did the first round was sit and wait for Bader. He's alway been a counter striker, seemed way more than usual and was non aggressive. Just hand movements. Didn't like it...what's nonsensical or possible trolling about that?? Stupid statement. Great, he rarely gets hit, wasn't all his fault it was so boring, but I'd rather him do more than hand movements. Bader was clearly timid, I remember Machida being more aggressive with Tito and even Bons, maybe it was they who were. Either way, I look forward to him getting beaten by him again.

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