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Originally Posted by Laus723 View Post
I watch nearly every UFC event, TUF, replays, etc. I know what I'm talking about. There was nothing beautiful, fun, or exciting about the fight until the finish. Hey great, that's his style, wait for a guy to come in, counter and generally do well. The first round completely sucked. Bader was obviously timid and nervous about Machida's excellent counter techniques and abilities, but how anyone was OK with all his arm movements and honestly that sit there style is beyond me. Most don't like when Anderson toys with his opponents, seemed very similar to me. I don't like it, you guys do? OK, doesn't change my opinion.

So far as the Fitch comparison, he just does enough to score points, it's boring. So was the first round.
I respect that you watch a fair bit of UFC, so do I. There may not have been anything beautiful about that fight to you, but I loved every second. I loved seeing Bader throw a punch, completely miss, then use his forward momentum to run himself out of range for Machida to counter. He was scared. He knew he couldn't exchange with him so he found himself throwing haymakers trying to make a connection and just getting dummied at the end.

Machida isn't going to just tuck his chin and move forward like Thiago Silva or somebody. He's a different style of fighter, a style I can really appreciate because of how he is able to finish fights and take almost no damage in the process.

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