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08-07-2012, 08:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Foy View Post
you can say it was bad, but there is no way in hell it was one-sided. There were 2 different times when Abby Wombach was gang tackled in the box, with no call. Tancredi should have been sent off for at least 3 different fouls that should have been a second yellow.
True! Having been a referee, to be honest I've never seen a keeper get called for the 6 second violation. Plenty of times I myself have warned goalkeepers about it but have never penalized them for the infraction. There just has to be more to this, such as the referee having repeatedly warned the Canadian goalkeeper during the match about the infraction and the Canadian goalkeeper paying no mind.

As far as the PK, I have no problem with the call it was the right one and the same with the no call on Rapinoe when the ball struck her arm while she was within the US penalty area. Law 12 specifically notes that a player can not deliberately direct or propel the ball with their hands. BTW hands are usually defined in soccer as the fingertips all the way up the arm to the outter portion of the shoulder. But in layman's terms it comes down to whether the hands played the ball or the ball played the hands, that is did the hands move into the path or flight of the ball or were the hands in a location they should normally be. So it was a correct call and no call.

As far as the Canadian Tancerdi, she should have been booked for Persistent Infringement in the first half. Part of the Referee team's responsibility and this is where the fourth official comes into play is to track fouls. I believe Tancerdi had five fouls called on her just in the first half and a total of 7 during the match.

I think Brandi Chastain's observations earlier during the tournament about the US defense and goalkeeping was validated yesterday. U.S. has some serious question marks back there on defense. Japan plays a very patient game that will bend a lot and allow the US alot of time like they experienced yesterday in the offensive zone and then quickly counter. It's their counter attack that's going to give the US defense trouble.

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