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08-07-2012, 10:12 AM
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YES, thanks you! I knew my math would get screwed up somewhere along the line.

This then makes a lot more sense. As you cut the stick down, the effective lie gets higher and higher, unless you cut down proportionally more of the stick.

So in order to keep the lie, you've got to cut down nearly 1.5" inches for every inch shorter you are. If you're trying to use a 6 lie at say 5'6, you are losing 3-4" additional in order to maintain that lie! That's on top of already losing 6-8" of stick length because of the height difference.

There's got to be some kind of "starter" angle where the lie is correct at a certain height, because of the length of the stick in relation to the hand. I would have to run the numbers, but it would be something like:

5'6 ~ 4 lie
5'10 ~ 5 lie
6'2 ~ 6 lie

It looks like most gear companies offer lower lies for junior and youth sticks, but at the intermediate level we are still stuck with 5-6 lies when there should be 4 lie options.

And this leads me to believe that it would be more important and beneficial to our games to get the stick length, flex, and lie all correct than to have the latest and greatest technology in the sticks. Having superior weight and balance is kind of meaningless if you're going to shag all your shots off to one side or the other.

It would be outstanding to have more options, especially at retail, for multiple blade lies. Good on Base for providing it, and for Warrior to have some lie options at the custom level, but it's too bad we are so limited.

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