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08-07-2012, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by DegenX View Post
No, I wouldn't want Subban for some draft picks ... at least not on the Pens. The kid not only gets under opposing player's skin, he gets to his team mates, too. He's dropped the gloves with team mates in practice at least twice. There were reports that the front office had different guys try to talk to him about his attitude and that he more or less blew them off. He still needs to mature on and off the ice. MT may just be the coach he needs at this point in his career ... but right now, his potential doesn't make the known risks worth it.

As for the Flyers, he'd probably fit right in. But I doubt Holmgren would be willing to make another ridiculous offer sheet a la Weber for an unproven player like Subban, so most likely the Habs would match. And, the Habs want to hold on to Subban. He does have great potential, but he has a lot of issues. Like I said, MT might just be the coach he needs.
Have to disagree on Subban. There's no way we get him so it doesn't really matter, but if it was somehow possible for a reasonable price then we would have to do it. He'd instantly be our 2nd best d-man by a pretty wide margin.

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