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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Extremely doubtful since in the hypothetical league you would have more players who were optimal elite skaters, not diminished by injury. In the 1990's NHL you had high average to excellent skaters that Kamensky post-injury still surpassed. This group would be reduced in the hypothetical league as would skaters in the bottom tiers below them.
Okay. Then add one European team after the other to the hypothetical league. Until the level is not above the NHL anymore, but on par. I guess I shouldn't have come up with the hypothetical international league in the first place, but simply said "the NHL with lesser physical play". Because my point is rather simple: Kamensky was not the toughest player and would have been a bigger star in a not-so-physical NHL than he was in the actual NHL. In so far I consider him underrated, because the physicality level could hypothetically be reduced without reducing the league's level of play. The level of play wouldn't differ, but Kamensky's stock would.

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