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Originally Posted by turkulad View Post
Hello History board dwellers!

A long while back, I was asking for possible source recommendations for my ice hockey essay about Canadian identity. I didn't get many, but luckily a faculty member at my dept. gave me good directions by suggesting I investigate through Ken Dryden and Roy MacGregor's book "Home Game" the makings of the Canadian identity and how ice hockey is effecting it. Somehow the project became humongous and what started as an innocent project became a 33-page-long investigation into Canadian ice hockey. It touches on socio-cultural, political and historical spheres and it was quite a handful for me.
Sounds really interesting, I'll start reading when I have some larger blocks of spare time I can devote to it. Maybe later this weekend.

I'm releasing the project on if my department allows me to do it, but would love to hear some feedback on it before casting it out to the internet for everyone to read. Writing about Canadian identity as a Finn whose only connection to Canada is through a half-year-long exchange period and a boatload of hours spent on reading about, watching and discussing ice hockey.. so any feedback is welcome.
I actually see this as something of an advantage. You are more emotionally detached from the subject matter, which makes it easier (in my opinion) to approach it from a scholarly analytical perspective rather than an overly personal one.

I'm sharing with you a google docs, so feel free to read it and comment on it here or with the comment functions within the document. I'm already at a defensive stance to begin with, since the topic is indeed hard for me.. so please be hard on me if you feel like it, but refrain from flaming. Thanks in advance!
I'd hope no one (at least no one here) would flame someone over a scholarly research project.

The link is here. Please don't spread it forward to other parts of HFB or anywhere outside this thread for that matter - I consider the posters at the History of Hockey the most intelligent and analytical of the bunch, hence the decision to post this here only.
Thanks for giving us access, as mentioned I'll try to find time to give it a substantial look.

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