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08-07-2012, 12:46 PM
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Hey Guys,

Thanks for all the help provided when I was looking to buy new skates. I tried a lot of skates on with different width, and a lot of them made me unconfortable around the inner side of my big toe.

I tried Reebok 16K, WhiteK, 8K, Easton S12, CCM U12, U08, Bauer One.6 and One.7.

I used to wear Bauer X40's 8D and that size was measured by a big LHS near my house.

But after trying them all on, one that was the best for me was the Bauer One.6.

Wow they felt a little snug around my ankle and tendon but nothing a good break in could not fix. I also found my big toe wasn't in the same position around the toe cap which is night and day comfort wise.

I bought a pair of Proformance footbed to make it even more confortable and they were half priced compared to the superfeet yellow.

So, really happy about my purchase (got them for 200$)

Only thing is that the guy from that LHS told me that Bauer One.6 shouldn't be baked because the glue and material would become used up quickly and he told me to break them in naturally instead.

What do you guys think? Should I still ask them to bake the skates or should I follow his advice?

Thanks again!

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