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08-07-2012, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by FANonymous View Post
One aberration does not a system make. Nashville tends to finish middle of the road in G/G. Peaking as high as 5th 6 years ago and dipping as low as 24th 4 years ago. Obviously this system isn't very consistent or predictable. This would probably explain why they're generally a low seed in the playoffs, facing more talented teams, and usually losing, in the first round of the playoffs.

I do find it interesting that even with the team scoring more goals per game than they normally do, they still had the same outcome as usual. Winning no more than 2 games in their losing round. Thanks for pointing that out.
I encourage you to find a few teams that in that same timespan HAVEN'T similarly jumped around in the goals per game standings.

It'll be nigh-impossible, because of the number of changes made to teams during that span of time. The 6 years ago peak, for example, was immediately followed by Leipold basically ordering Poile to dismantle most of the team. Philadelphia had that disastrous 06-07 season in which they finished last in the NHL and lost the lottery. Detroit had a drop in 09-10 when Hossa and Samuelsson left. Pittsburgh's 2010-2011 was low for obvious reasons, and of course six years ago was at the tail end of their early years of suck. The list goes on.

All I'm seeing here is bitterness that we didn't get a superstar and more back with Nash, coupled with an implied complete dismissal of our blueline.

Originally Posted by FANonymous View Post
I know everyone likes the guys who play their hearts out but I'd take a team of all Rick Nashs or, God forbid, all Jeff Carters over a team of all Derek Dorsetts. At least the talented teams have a good shot at winning night in and night out.
The Edmonton Oilers would be happy to welcome you into the fold.

We don't have to imitate LA's current state to be competitive, y'know.

Originally Posted by EDM View Post
It is a re-building year. Relax. It does not happen instantly. At least now they are attempting to do it correctly. I, for one, am willing to ride our the growth process. All I would like to see is some growth this year.
I'm sorry, but who are you and what have you done with EDM? Not that your presence is unwelcome or anything...

Remember - when you're a hockey fan, it's not "reckless driving", it's "good forechecking".
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